Magnetic metal meter, ST113


#Magnetic metal meter-ST113

Product details

The ST113 magnetic metal meter is according to GB5509 – 2008.It’s easy to operate. Widely used in product quality supervision, flour processing, grain storage and so on research department

Technical specification:

  1. Power: AC(220±22V, 50Hz, 1A
    2.Motor (double scraper) rotation rate: 50 r/min
  2. Electromagnetic suction: more than 40 kg
  3. Sample size: less than 1 kg
  4. Sample recycling rate: more than 95 %
  5. Size: 255×275×385 mm
  6. Weight: 12 kg

Magnetic separator specification:

Magnetic induction density: less than 120mT
Ferromagnetic area size: 130mm×130mm
Spacer plate size: 210mm×210mm×6mm

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