Mathis oven, FTMO series


#Mathis oven #FTMO series Mathis oven #FTMO series

The device is reliability test equipment for parts such as semiconductor, PCB, LED, etc.

It is a device suitable for use in the electronic industry, research and development of material

 parts and the environment requiring QC.

FTMO series models


  • Reflow oven for proto type
  • Smokeless reflow soldering
  • Semiconductor durability test
  • Bond glue curing
  • Solder resist mask curing
  • Part drying
  • Coating curing test

General Specifications

Models FTMO-15
Capacity 15 Liter
In size (W x D x H) (mm) 400 x 330 x 120(80) mm
OUT size (W x D x H) (mm) 750 x 660 x 380
Heater capacity 2 KW
Shelves 1
Type Forced convection oven
Thermocouple K (CA type)
Temp Range 250°C
Controller Program PID controller
Regulator Triac controller
Timer Range 99 Hr 59 Min
Controller Digital display
Material In Stainless steel
Out Steel plate with powder coating
Insulation Ceramic wool
Door packing High temp silicone rubber
Shelves Stainless steel, Adjustable
Safety device Over current circuit breaker
Fan motor AC motor
Power AC 220V, 60Hz, 10
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