Melting point tester


#FRY series melting point tester

FRY Features:

  • Standard mercury thermometer measures temperature.
  • Change the heater voltage by the touching key
  • Digital voltmeter shows heater voltage.
  • The sample melting was observed through a magnifying glass.
  • The melting point of three samples can be measured simultaneously.


Model FRY-1 FRY-2
Range of melting point 50-300℃ 50-300℃
Accuracy ±1.0℃ ±1.0℃
Usage temperature 15-35℃ 15-35℃
Range of preset temperature (1.0、2.0、4.0、6.0)℃/min (1.0、2.0、4.0、6.0)℃/min
Power of the heater 100W 100W
Power 220V/50HZ/100W 220V/50HZ/100W
Dimension (19*12*20)m³ (19*12*20)m³
Weight 3kg 3kg
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