Methanol for HPLC, CH4O

Methanol for HPLC, CH4O

Synonyms: Methanol, methanol, METHANOL, CH3OH, CH4O, Methyl alcohol, Carbinol, Hydroxymethane, MeOH


For HPLC & Spectroscopy Grade
Methanol is also known as Methyl Alcohol, often abbreviated as MeOH, in the form of a liquid with the formula CH3OH which has a concentration of 99.8% with Cas.No 67-56-1 and HS Code 2905 11 00. Available in 4 Liters/Bottles.

Molecular Weight: 32.04 g/mol

Chemical Formula: CH3OH CH4O Hill

Category: Solvents

Grade: FOR HPLC & Spectroscopy

Brand: Smart Lab

Manufacturer: PT.Smart Lab Indonesia

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