Mini incubator, DSI-100D, 10L, ESMC, Digisystem, Taiwan


Mini incubator, DSI-100D, 10L, Digisystem, Taiwan

  • Model: DSI-100D
  • Brand: Digisystem
  • Origin: Taiwan

DIGISYSTEM is a leading laboratory incubator manufacturer for more than 50 years producing high quality cell culture incubator, incubator microbiology. We have an excellent manufacturing team that can help customers with the lowest cost and best quality. Our creativity has not only awakened market demand, but also stimulated the crowded concentration in this field. DIGISYSTEM is a professional laboratory incubator manufacturer. All cell culture incubator, incubator microbiology are produced under strict standards of quality control.

Features for Mini incubator, DSI-100D

Mini. incubator, Natural convection heat distribution combines with the adjustable air vents to provide excellent uniformity.
Double wall construction, fiberglass insulation provided on 4 sides as well as between inner and outer walls, and silicon rubber door sealing reduce heat loss and power drain. Stainless steel interior chamber and shelves are corrosion resistant, durable and easy to clean. Powder coating exterior is beautiful, durable, and corrosion resistant.

  • Simple keypad input allows easy temperature setting.
  • LED digital display enables users to monitor the chamber temperature at any given moment.
  • Visual alarm indicator alerts users of abnormal conditions if the chamber temperature exceeds the setting points by 10℃.
  • The temperature can be controlled and maintained to 70℃.
  • Shelves can be adjustable.
  • Quality certification: ISO 9001, ISO 13485


Model DSI-100D
Convection Natural convection
Working temperature Ambient+5~70℃
Capacity (Liters) 10
Chamber dimension W285xD207xH220mm
Power watt 150W
Overall dimension W355xD287xH450mm
Accessory 1 pc of shelf
Power supply AC 110V 50/60Hz (220V 50/60Hz available)

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Mini incubator, DSI-100D, 10L, Digisystem, Taiwan
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