Moisture analyzer, MA37-1


Moisture Analyzer

  • Model: MA37-1
  • Readability:1 mg,
  • Weighing Capacity: 70g
  • Sartorius Lab Instruments, Germany


Fully Automatic Infrared Moisture Analyzer for Daily Routine Operation


  • – High-speed measurements
  • – Effortless cleaning
  • – User-friendly operation
  • – Status light for display of measurement progress

Product Description

The MA37 is the new Sartorius basic analyzer for moisture determination. It operates even faster and is easier to use than its predecessor MA35. In addition, it features a compact footprint and delivers highly accurate results. Moreover, its BetterClean design also enables effortless cleaning, and the convenient status light indicates the current progress of a measurement. The MA37 is therefore ideal for operations involving identical routine measurement tasks, guiding you step by step throughout moisture analysis.


The MA37 moisture analyzer is designed for quick and reliable determination of the moisture content of liquids, pastes and solids using the thermogravimetric method. The MA37 is perfectly suited to daily recurring moisture analysis tasks, such as in production or incoming goods inspection.


Fully automatic endpoint determination eliminates the inconvenience of time-consuming screening of shutoff parameters. The moisture analyzer monitors the drying process and ends the measurement once it detects a constant sample weight. The built-in weighing system with 1 mg resolution has been specially optimized for use in higher temperature ranges, delivering the required measurement accuracy. A high- performance metal tube heater heats the samples in the MA37. This heater unit is fast, extremely rugged and durable. Unlike glass heating lamps, such as infrared lamps or halogen heaters, it is especially resistant to dirt and vibration. The functionality of the MA37 can be verified at any time by running the built-in performance test with a ReproEasy pad.

Technical Specifications

  • Max. weighing capacity: 70 g
  • Reproducibility, typical: For initial sample weights of approx. > 1 g: ± 0.2%
  • For initial sample weights of approx. > 5 g: ± 0.05%
  • Readability: 1 mg, 0.01%
  • Typical sample quantity 5 g – 15 g
  • Display modes for results: Moisture content in %M and g | dry weight in %S and g | ATRO (ratio) in %M/S
  • Temperature range and settings: 40°C – 200°C, in increments of 1°C
  • Standby temperature selectable from 50°C – 120°C
  • Sample heating: Infrared metal heating elements
  • Heating programs: Standard drying, gentle drying, MA35 mode
  • Shutoff parameter: Choice of modes:

– Fully automatic

– Semiautomatic mg (1 mg–50 mg|5 sec.–300 sec.)

– Semiautomatic % (0.1%–5.0%|5 sec.–300 sec.)

– Timer settings (02:00–99.59 min.)

– Manual

  • Access to sample chamber: Removable hood with wide opening angle; SoftClose mechanism
  • Measuring program: 1 program saved in the non-volatile memory (user-definable method parameters)
  • Memory for data storage: Results are saved until the start of the next measurement
  • Operator guidance features: Intuitive user interface, including touch screen and easy-to-understand menu prompts
  • Languages selectable in menu: English set as the default; can be changed in the menu to Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese,
  • Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish
  • Status light: Displays the status “analysis running/ START,” “analysis completed/ STOP” or “analysis error”
  • Sample inspection: LED-illuminated sample chamber; inspection window with grid above the hood
  • Draft shield: Integrated draft shield
  • Cleaning: Removable hood, grid and sample chamber plate for easy cleaning in a laboratory dishwasher
  • Printout: – Printout using the optional, internal printer YDP30; alternatively, the printer YDP20-OCE can be used with an adapter (YCC03-D09)

– GLP-compliant, inalterable standard for printout of the results | paper-saving mode for short record

  • Performance test: Menu function for testing the analyzer’s performance using a ReproEasy pad
  • Monitoring and control of the accuracy of the analyzer as inspection, measuring and test equipment: External calibration using optional calibration weights; Temperature adjustment with optional adjustment set
  • Data interface: Mini USB port

– Automatic detection of the Sartorius printers YDP30 and YDP40

– Direct data transfer to Microsoft®

Office programs without any additional software

– Programmable data output interval

– SBI data transfer protocol

  • Frequency: 50|60 Hz
  • Power consumption: Max. 640 VA
  • Temperature range: 10°C–30°C
  • Housing dimensions (W + D + H): 215 + 400 + 210 mm (8.5” + 15.7” + 8.3”)
  • Weight: Approx. 6.2 kg (approx. 13.6 lbs.)
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