MB90 Moisture Analyzer

Moisture Analyzer -MB90, OHAUS-USA


Combining Speed and Precision in One Moisture Analyzer

Test More Samples in Less Time

Measuring moisture content has never been easier than with the MB90 Moisture Analyzer. The MB90’s halogen heating distributes heat uniformly over the sample and speeds up the drying process—   delivering fast and precise measurements. Designed for tool-free cleaning, the MB90’s components can be easily removed for quick and easy maintenance. Operating the MB90 is intuitive with the icon-driven menu navigation on the touchscreen display.

Standard Features Include:

  • Outstanding Halogen Heating Guarantees Fast and Precise Results

The MB90’s precisely controlled halogen heating dries samples quickly and ensures uniform heating to yield fast, precise and repeatable results of 0.01% readability.

  • Effortless Maintenance with the Tool-Free Cleaning Design

Designed with effortless maintenance in mind, the MB90 features a removable pan handler and heating chamber components that make cleaning quick and easy—no tools needed.

  • Touchscreen Icon-Based Menu Navigation Guides Users Through Every Step

MB90 Moisture Analyzer

Exceptional Precision

The MB90 provides precise results for more confident testing.

•       Fast Halogen Heating Technology

Halogen heating dries samples in seconds and performs up to 40% faster than traditional infrared methods.

•       Uniform Drying for Precise, Repeatable Results

The reflective sample chamber ensures uniform heating of each sample to yield reliable results of 0.01% readability.

•       Flexible and Powerful

Features a full operating temperature range of 40–200 °C in 1 degree increments.

•       Two Drying Profiles to Ensure Accuracy

Customize heating of specific samples with temperature control for one-step drying—set temperature and time and begin!

Fast: Quickest possible time to temperature Standard: Minimal overshoot while achieving temperatures quickly

  • Shut-Off Criteria for Automatic Test Completion Customize your own test endpoint criteria to automatically end the test once moisture loss is no longer detected. Choose from 3 criteria—Manual, Timed and

Easy Tool-Free Cleaning

The MB90 features a patented pan handler and removable parts for convenient maintenance.

•       Stainless Steel Drying Pan

Wipe down quickly

  • Removable Heating Chamber Components No tools required—simply remove glass and tray to clean

Testing Made Simple

The MB90 features a wide, bright touchscreen display and intuitive menu navigation for fast, accurate moisture analysis.

•       Touchscreen Display

Easy to read and understand

•       Icon-Driven Menu Navigation

Easy to follow—no training required

•       4 Mechanical Keys for Fast One-Step Operation

Tare, Start/Stop, Print, On/Off

•       USB and RS232 Ports

Quick connections to a PC or flash drive

•       Moisture Analysis Made Simple

Just 3 easy steps for routine sample testing!

  1. Tare empty sample pan
  2. Add sample according to best practices
  3. Press start and see your results!

Multiple Ways to Connect Versatile connectivity options to

handle data collection and transfer

needs—enhancing the user experience.

•       USB and RS232 Ports

Quick connections to a PC or flash drive

•       Data Collection and Transfer

You can simply save and transfer data from the moisture analyzer to a USB drive

MB90 Moisture Analyzer Specification

Model MB90
Capacity 90 g
Readability 0.01%/0.001 g
Repeatability (Std Dev) (g) 0.18% (3 g sample)

0.02% (10 g sample)

Moisture Range 0.01% to 100%

(0.01% to 1000% for regain mode)

Output RS232, USB Host, USB Device
Heating Element Halogen
Temperature Range 40–200 °C
Power 120 or 240 VAC 50/60 Hz
Operating Temperature Range 50–104 °F/10–40 °C
Display Type 4.3 in/109 mm, QVGA, TFT touch screen
Display Results %moisture, %solids, %regain, time, temperature, weight, method name, drying curve and statistics

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