Moisture analyzer, ST-60


#ST-60 Moisture analyzer #Moisture analyzer, ST-60

Product details

ST-60 Moisture Analyzer with halogen heating, intelligent operation. Quickly drying the sample evenly to obtain accurate moisture determination results of ground water clear determination to achieve visual information display, simple, easy to operate instrument. Water samples stored in a variety of pre-determination, makes testing quick and easy. And improved several times compared to mechanical efficiency and accuracy of measurements. Standard interface with computers and other peripherals connected.


Model ST-60
The largest weighing 110g
Balance Readability 5mg
Water readability 0.01%
Repeatability 0.20%
Thermostat range 室温 -200℃
Temperature accuracy +-1℃
Drying Technology halogen heating
Output Interface RS232C
Said plate size 85mm
Dimensions 330x200x200 mm
Power AC 220V 50Hz 1W (480W).

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#Moisture Analyzer #ST-60 Moisture Analyzer #ST-60 Moisture analyzer #ST-60 Moisture meter #ST-60