Monocular biological microscope


#Monocular biological microscope#Microscope (XSP-1CA)


Product name Monocular biological microscope
Model XSP-1CA
Total magnification 40X-16000
Eyepieces WF10X   WF16X
Objectives 4X,10X,40Xs, 100Xs,
Eyepieces tube Binocular 45° inclined tube rotatable 360°
Illumination 6V/20W Halogen Lamp
Coarse adjustment range 14mm
Working stage Double layer mechanical stage: 110*125mm, Moving range 60mm*20mm
condenser NA1,25Abee condenser with changeable diaphragm, moving scale and filter.
Illumination 20W incandescent
Size 36cm*26cm*21cm / 14.2in*10.3in*8.3in
Gross weight 3.5 kg/ 8 lb
Net weight 3 kg/ 7 lb
Supplier Elite Scientific & Meditech Co.
Web address