Mortar Mixer— 5L (5.3qt.)


Mortar Mixer— 5L (5.3qt.), Basic Manual Control, ASTM

Basic two-speed mixer designed to mix cement mortars and pastes. Mixer provides manually-controlled cement, water and sand supplies. Mixer features a 5 Liter (5.3qt) stainless steel bowl and ASTM stirrer, and a two-speed motor, which runs at either 140 ±5 rpm or 285 ±10rpm. Electrical Specification is 110/220V 50/60Hz.

Heavy-duty construction of aluminum and cast iron provides durability and a long service life. the mixer provides a powerful, three-phase DC motor for quiet and maintenance-free operation aided by the use of planetary gears and a toothed, belt drive. The mixing bowl is connected to the mixer by a quick-release clamping system. The distance between the mixing bowl and the stirrer is 3 ±1 mm and can easily and accurately set.

Planetary gearing and toothed, belt drive to ensure quiet and maintenance-free operation. Easy-operation handle makes hoisting mechanism makes raising and lowering the mixing bowl easy. Quick and reliable bowl mount also makes testing effortlessly.

The Mortar Mixer— 5L (5.3qt.), Basic Manual Control, ASTM supports the following standards: ASTM C305, EN 196
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