Muffle Furnace, CRV Series

Muffle Furnace, CRV Series


#Muffle Furnace, CRV Series


#Inner chamber refractory brick or ceramic fiber


  • Max temp. 1400ºc – 1,500ºc – 1,600c (Silicon Carbide)
  • Max temp. 1600ºc – 1700ºc – 1.800ºc (Molybdenum dissilicon resistances)
  • Vertical swing door available
  • Heating zones located on both sides
  • Silicon Carbide resistors allowing heating speed
  • Double chamber with forced air circulation
  • Heat loss and minimum external temperature
  • Robust oven, continuous working periods at high temperatures
  • Ceramic fiber insulation chamber and low density refractory bricks
  • Double layer of insulation
  • Inner stainless steel casing.
  • Metallic outer casing with paint protection (optional stainless steel)
  • Tabletop oven
  • Rear gas outlet chimney
  • S type thermocouple
  • Ceramic support tray (optional)
  • Compact and lightweight ovens
  • Oven control: Located at the bottom of the oven
    • Solid state relay avoiding mechanical noise
    • Low voltage thyristor equipment and transformer according to model
    • Built-in line input cord
    • PAD regulation P. Ramp programmer. Microprocessor. Alarm.
    • Disconnecting the oven when opening the door
    • Oven disconnection thermocouple break
    • General safety switch
    • General safety contactor
  • Rapid heating and cooling thanks to advanced ceramic fibers
  • Easy replacement of heating elements and thermocouple by the user
  • CE regulation
  • Optional accessories and equipment
    • Ceramic trays
    • Gas extractor chimney
    • Forced gas extractor chimney
    • Class II security. Overtemperature alarm regulation
    • Inert atmospheres inlet rear
    • Manual or automatic flowmeter equipment for inert atmospheres
    • Silicon carbide chamber protection
    • Mobile support foot
  • Optional regulation
    • Programmer 1 program of 8 segments
    • Programmer 4 programs of 15 segments

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Muffle Furnace, CRV Series

CRN SERIES (large sizes)


High Quality 24/7 Continuos-Tº Muffle Furnaces · 1600ºC – 1700ºC – 1800ºC – 1900ºC


CE manufactured

Maximum operating temperature: 1600ºC – 1700ºC – 1800ºC – 1900ºC

Rapid heating

Compact and lightweight

24/7 continuous work capability

Heating elements SUPER KANTHAL 1900 and Kanthal SiC

Low thermal mass insulation

Built with low density ceramic fiber

Double insulation includes air chamber

Outer case in painted metal sheet (inox optional)

Rear ventilation via ceramic chimney

Ceramic tray included

Thermocouple type S or B

Spare parts easily replaceable by end user


  • Lower front control panel
  • Solid state relay
  • General safety switch
  • General safety contactor
  • PAD Digital control
  • PID parameters
  • Non-volatile memory
  • Microprocessor-based temperature controls
  • Alarm


  • 1 program / 8 segments programmer
  • 4 program / 15 segments programmer
  • Programmers up to 64 segments
  • Data logger and programmer communication by Ethernet/ RS232


  • Thermocouple break shut-off
  • Turns off upon door opening


  • Interchangeable temperature-uniform trays with rim
  • Refractory ceramic tray
  • Incoloy stainless steel tray
  • Smoke chimney
  • Forced smoke chimney
  • Safety alarm Class II. Over-temperature protection
  • Inlet gas entry
  • Flow meter box
  • and more, ask for our full assortment!


  • Modern design metal case with chrome-phosphatizing base protection and external finish with heat-resistant metal paint.
  • Refractory parts engineered to resist extreme temperature changes, and specific ceramic paste types applied according to temperature and work fatigue of each part.
  • Heat resistance in refractory insulation of very low thermal conductivity coefficient.
  • Door system adjusted on the furnace frame by pressure, allowing for complete sealing. Electrically and thermally insulated door handle.


  • Bottom trays: Interchangeable, temperature uniform, with rim to protect against spilling, fusion or adherence of materials.
  • Extraction Chimney: Self-extraction design to eliminate smoke in processes that produce smoke in a considerable amount or when smoke extraction is advisable due to the nature of the process. Chimney outlet connection to a smoke bell or to the exterior by end user.
  • Forced air extraction chimney: Specially designed for a forced self-extraction to evacuate smoke fastat resistance in refractory insulation of very low thermal conductivity coefficient.