Multi Position Magnetic Stirrer, MSM Series, ESMC, Humanlab, Korea

Multi Position Magnetic Stirrer, MSM Series, Humanlab, Korea


  • Synchronous operation of 4 or 8 stirring points
  • Increasing speed effectively by microprocessor control
  • Ideal for use on incubators and climatic chambers
  • Smooth start and change of the stirring speed
Model MSM-204D MSM-208D
No. of Place 4 x 110mm 8 x 110mm
Top plate (WxL) 210x2S0mm 210x470mm
Stirring Capacity 4 x 5OOml 8 x 5OOml
Stirring Range 100 – 1500 rpm
Drive Motor Brushless DC motor 20W
Timer Digital 99hr,S9min
Top plate Material Stainless steel
Function Clock / Anti-clock wise, Auto reverse rotation
Control & Display M/Processor feed back control & digital display
Power Source 110 or 220VAC,50/60Hz
Overall (WxDxH) 215x330x80mm 215x550x80mm
Weight (Kg) 4.5 7

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Multi Point Magnetic Stirrer
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