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Multi purpose centrifuge


Multi purpose centrifuge_Mega/Combi/FLETA series


  • Microprocessor control 10 program storage and recall (Mega Series)
  • Digital display of RPM,ReF, Temp. ,Temp Limit, Program Brake and Time.
  • Extensive choice of versatile rotors
  • Maintenance-free; quiet operation and brush less motor
  • Input of the temp. limit ensure proper temp. control Interlocking door for safety, gentle start-up and braking
  • Display of abnormality, imbalance, door-oprn, setting failure and over speed.
  • Supplier in Bangladesh- Elite Scientific & Meditech Co
  • For any queries please click on www.elitetradebd.com


Model Mega 21R Mega 17R Combi-514R FLETA-5
Max. RPM 21,000 rpm 17,000 rpm 15,000 rpm 5,500rpm
Max. RCF 46,346 xg 31,341 xg 25,200 xg 5,411 xg
Max. Capacity 6 x 250ml 6 x 85ml 6 x 250ml 32 x 15ml
Temp. range  -20’C to +40’C -10’C to +40’C Ambient
Timer  99hr,59min,59sec, Free
Accel / Decel  10 steps
Display  RPM, RCF, Time, Program, Rotor no.
Programmability 10 memory,10 rotor 100 memory
Drive motor Brushless DC motor
Power source  220VAC, SO/60Hz, single phase
Overall (WxDxH) 550x600x865mm 550x600x865mm 732x665x387mm 570x475x325mm
Weight (Kg) 165 140 112 40
Options : 1) Rotor 2) Adaptor