More than 75 years ago, Conrad Naber laid the foundation for a company success that has been continued until today. Starting as a small family business, Nabertherm has developed into one of the leading industrial furnace manufacturers with 600 employees and 150,000 customers worldwide. Today, Nabertherm is still successfully managed as a family company and has the financial background, the staying power and the necessary independence to secure and expand its international position at a high technical level. Best seller & Supplier in Bangladesh Elite Trade BD, Elite Scientific & Meditech Co.


  • Production of laboratory and industrial furnaces since 1947
  • Production site in Lilienthal/Bremen – Made in Germany
  • 500 employees worldwide
  • 150,000 customers in more than 100 countries
  • Very wide product range of furnaces
  • One of the biggest R&D departments in the furnace industry
  • High vertical integration

Global Sales and Service Network

  • Manufacturing only in Germany
  • Decentralized sales and service close to the customer
  • Own sales organization and long term sales partners in all important

world markets

  • Individual on-site customer service and consultation
  • Fast remote maintenance options for complex furnaces
  • Reference customers with similar furnaces or systems close to you
  • Secured spare parts supply, many spare parts available from stock
  • Further informarion see page 78

Setting Standards in Quality and Reliability

  • Project planning and construction of tailormade thermal process

plants incl. material handling and charging systems

  • Innovative controls and automation technology, adapted to customer


  • Very reliable and durable furnace systems
  • Customer test center for process assurance

Experience in Thermal Processing

  • Thermal Process Technology
  • Advanced Materials
  • Fiber Optics/Glass
  • Foundry
  • Laboratory
  • Dental
  • Arts & Crafts

Nabertherm product range

Ovens up to 300 °C , Chamber ovens up to 260 °C, Forced convection chamber furnaces up to 850 °C, Muffle furnaces up to 1200 °C,  Economy muffle furnaces up to 1100 °C, Muffle furnaces with brick insulation up to 1300 °C, Muffle furnaces up to 1400 °C,  Muffle furnaces with embedded heating elements up to 1100 °C, Ashing furnaces up to 1100 °C, Ashing furnaces with integrated exhaust gas cleaning up to 1100 °C, Weighing furnaces up to 1200 °C, Exhaust systems or accessories for muffle furnaces, Chamber furnaces up to 1400 °C, Chamber furnaces up to 1280 °C, Accessories for the heat treatment of metals, High-temperature furnaces with SiC rod heating table-top model up to 1600 °C, High-temperature furnaces MoSi2 heating elements table-top model up to 1800 °C, High-temperature bottom loading furnaces up to 1700 °C, High-temperature furnaces with scale up to 1750 °C, High-temperature furnaces MoSi2 heating elements floor-standing model up to 1800 °C, High-temperature furnaces with SiC rod heating floor-standing model up to 1550 °C, High-temperature furnaces with MoSi2 heating elements with refractory brick insulation up to 1700 °C, Compact tube furnaces up to 1300 °C, Split-type tube furnaces for horizontal or vertical operation up to 1300 °C, Rotary tube furnaces for batch operation up to 1100 °C, Rotary hearth furnaces for processes with continuous movement up to 1300 °C, Tube furnaces with stand for horizontal and vertical operation up to 1500 °C, High-temperature tube furnaces with SiC rod heating up to 1500 °C, High-temperature tube furnaces for horizontal or vertical operation up to 1800 °C, Working tubes, Gas supply systems/vacuum operation, Control alternatives for tube furnaces, Customized tube furnaces, Fire assay/cupellation furnaces up to 1300 °C, Gradient or lab strand annealing furnaces up to 1300 °C, Fast-firing furnaces up to 1300 °C, Laboratory melting furnaces up to 1400 °C

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