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Nucleic acid purification system


Nucleic acid purification system LNAP-A10 is a benchtop unit for DNA and RNA purification with automated low throughput sample preparation Capable of extracting 1 to 20 samples per run with a working volume of 1 ml. Features a fast extraction protocol of 15 to 40 mins per cycle depending on sample type. Built-in UV lamp prevents cross contamination. Unit can be configured for elevation of sample processing volume upto 3 ml and 5 ml for higher yields of purified products.


  • Automate low-throughput sample preparation
  • High purity and excellent yield of nucleic acid
  • 9 tube strip design
  • Maximum sample volume – 1.2 ml
  • UV lamp to avoid cross contamination
  • Three shortcut key to make for easy running, stopping the magnetic beads program
  • Open system for optimized purification
  • Special plastic consumables to avoid cross contamination
  • Improved sample quality for improvised downstream analysis
  • Alarm for indicating completion of purification cycle
  • Pause function for emergent stop


Throughput 1 ~ 20
Process volume 50 µl ~ 3000 µl
Collection efficiency > 95 %
Magnetic rod number 20
Purification accuracy 100 copy sample positive rate > 95%
Stability CV < 5%
Plate types 3 ml tube strip
Heating for lysis tube Ambient temperature ~ 120°C
Heating for elution tube Ambient temperature ~ 120°C
Operation 7 inch color touch screen
Extraction steps Lysis, Sample binding, Washing and elution
Storage capacity more than 100 programs
Protocol management Create, edit, delete, protocol mode
Pollution control UV light
Lighting Yes
Extension interface 4 standard USB port, built-in SD card
Exhaust Fan
Power supply 450 W
Dimensions 400 × 520 × 450 mm
Weight 28 kgs