Oil and Grease analyzer


Oil and Grease analyzer LOGA-A10 is a tabletop analyzer with a sample testing range of 0.12 mg/L to 840 mg/L. The unit displays and prints the sample spectra, position and wave number of the absorption peak. It features self-contained optical and electrical system with high degree integration. Testing data and spectrograms can be saved to hard disk for checking and printing anytime Sensor signal processing uses lock-in amplifier circuit improving the analyzer’s SNR and the minimum detection limit.


  • Dismountable integrated optical system
  • Electrical modulation ( reducing the intensity of the heat source to facilitate System
  • cooling )
  • Sensor signal with lock in amplifier
  • Can be used as an infrared spectrophotometer
  • Carbon tetrachloride can be replaced by tetrachlorethylene extraction agent
  • Self-contained optical system and electrical system
  • High speed measurement ( 30 secs to finish a test )
  • Built-in auto reset and regression equation calculation