Online ammonia nitrogen meter, NHNG-3010


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#Online Ammonia Nitrogen Meter, NHNG-3010

#Online ammonia nitrogen meter, NHNG-3010


NHNG-3010 online and automatic ammonia nitrogen meter to monitor NH3-N,BOQU has completely independent intellectual property’s the world-class instrument to measure ammonia nitrogen (NH3-N).the working principle is The peristaltic pump of the instrument delivers the release liquid (diluted NaOH solution) as the carrier fluid, and the injection valve rotates according to the set number of times to form a mixture of the NaOH solution and the water sample, and is released when the mixing belt passes through the separation chamber of the gas-liquid separator. The ammonia gas in the sample is taken out, and the ammonia gas is passed through the gas-liquid separation membrane and then received by the receiving liquid (BTB acid-base indicator solution), and the ammonium ion causes the pH of the solution to rise, and the color changes from yellow-green to blue. The ammonium-enriched receiving solution is sent to the flow cell of the colorimeter, and the photovoltage change value is measured to determine the NH3-N content in the sample.

Technical parameters

Product NHNG-3010 Online Ammonia Nitrogen Meter
Standard Salicylic acid spectrophotometric detection
Measuring range 0-300 mg/L(0-10mg/L;10-150mg/L;10-300mg/L) (customized if over range)
Accuracy ≤±10%  when ≥0.2 mg/L, ≤±0.02 mg/L<0.2 mg/L
Repeatability ≤±3%
Stability ≤±10% in 24 hours
Measurement period The minimum measurement period is 50 minutes, according to the actual water sample, The digestion time can be modified from 5 to 120 minutes.
Sampling period Time interval(55~9999min adjustable by yourself) and Integral time measurement mode;
Calibration period Adjustable in 1~99days;
Maintenance period Usually one time per month and 30 minutes each time
Output 4~20mA( 2 ways) RS232,RS485
Ambient requirement It should be indoor and temperature can be adjustable. The recommend temperature is +5~28℃;humidity≤90%(no dew)
Power AC220±10% V,50±10% Hz,5 A;
Dimension size Height 1450×Width510×Length 450 mm;
Data saved The data can be saved when abnormal alarms and power off.
Display Touch screen and Command Input
Other When Reset after abnormal alarm and power on after off, the instrument automatically discharges residual reactants in the instrument and automatically resumes working status.

Main features

Advanced flow injection analysis technology and safe and convenient analytical methods

Unique automatic enrichment function, the instrument has an oversized measuring range: 0.05mg/L-1500mg/L

The reagent is non-toxic, just dilute NaOH and distilled water with acid-base indicator, which can be easily prepared.

The unique gas-liquid separator (patented) eliminates the cumbersome and expensive pre-treatment unit and eliminates the need to clean the instrument. It is the most simplified instrument of its kind

HNG-3010 online ammonia nitrogen meter(NH3-N) automatic run,automatic calibration,few maintenance.

For samples with an ammonia nitrogen concentration greater than 0.2 mg/L, ordinary distilled water can be used as a solvent for the reagents, which is convenient to use.