Online BOD analyzer, BODG-3063


# BOD analyzer

#Online BOD analyzer, BODG-3063


The BODG-3063 Online BOD analyzer produced by BOQU’s widely used in industrial, electric power, agriculture, medicine, food, scientific research and environmental protection. The instrument is also an essential inspection equipment in the food factory, drinking water factory QS, HACCP certification.BOD(Biochemical Oxygen Demand) is an environmental monitoring indicator used to monitor the pollution of organic matter in water. Generally, organic matter can be decomposed by microorganisms, but microorganisms need to consume oxygen when decomposing organic compounds in water. If the dissolved oxygen in the water is insufficient to supply microorganisms, the water is in a state of pollution. BOD is an indicator of environmental protection.

The mixed liquid of Water sample, potassium dichromate solution, mercury sulfate , silver sulfate solution is heated upt to 165 ° C. The color of the organic substance in the dichromate ion oxidizing solution changes. The BODG-3063 online BOD analyzer detects the change in the color and converts the change into BOD value.The amount of dichromate ions consumed is equivalent to the amount of oxidizable organic matter.


Product BODG-3063 Online BOD Analyzer
Standard Potassium dichromate
Measuring range 10-1500 mg/L BOD(customized if over range)
Accuracy ≤±10% when ≥50mg/L; ≤±5mg/L when <50mg/L
Repeatability ≤±5% or ±5mg/L
Stability ≤±10% in 24 hours
Measurement period The minimum measurement period is 50 minutes, according to the actual water sample, The digestion time can be modified from 5 to 120 minutes.
Sampling period Time interval(55~9999min adjustable by yourself) and Integral time measurement mode;
Calibration period Adjustable in 1~99days;
Maintenance period Usually one time per month and 30 minutes each time
Output 4~20mA( 2 ways) RS232,RS485
Ambient requirement It should be indoor and temperature can be adjustable. The recommend temperature is +5~28℃;humidity≤90%(no dew)
Power AC220±10% V,50±10% Hz,5 A;
Dimension size Height 1450×Width510×Length 450 mm;
Data saved The data can be saved when abnormal alarms and power off.
Display Touch screen and Command Input
Other When Reset after abnormal alarm and power on after off, the instrument automatically discharges residual reactants in the instrument and automatically resumes working status.