Online chlorophyll analyzer, CHG-18


#Online chlorophyll analyzer, CHG-18


Measuring Principle

The chlorophyll sensor utilizes the characteristic that chlorophyll A has an absorption peak and an emission peak in the spectrum, and emits a specific wavelength of monochromatic light to illuminate into the water, and chlorophyll A in the water absorbs the energy of the monochromatic light, releasing a single wavelength single. The color of light, the intensity of chlorophyll A emission is proportional to the content of chlorophyll A in water.
Pipe inlet of drinking water plant,water source site,aquaculture,surface water,Landscape water,sea water.

Technical Parameters

Product CHG-18 Online Chlorophyll Analyzer
Measuring range Chlorophyll  , 0-500 ug/L
Accuracy Accuracy: ±5%
Pressure range ≤0.4Mpa
Sensor material Body:SUS316L(freshwater),Titanium alloy(sea water)
Communication RS485 Modbus RTU
Power AC:85-500VAC (50/60HZ) ;DC:9~36VDC
Output 2 ways of 4-20mA
Communication RS485 Modbus RTU
Relays 3 ways of relay
Working temperature -15 to 60℃
Protection Blue-green Algaetransmitter IP65, Blue-green Algae Sensor IP68
Length of Cable Standard 10-meter long cable, which can be extended to 100 meters

Main Features

The online Chlorophyll sensor is directly measurement without sampling and pre-processing.

It’s no chemical reagents, no secondary pollution.

Chlorophyll sensor :Quickly measurement, avoid the effects that water sample stay long time

Digital Chlorophyll sensor,Strong anti-interference ability and long transmission distance

The Onlilne Chlorophyll sensor is easy to install on site and Maintenance-free

Digital Chlorophyll sensor can be directly with standard RS485 MODBUS