Online TOC analyzer, TOC-5000


#Online TOC analyzer, TOC-5000

#TOC-5000 Online TOC Analyzer

Many organic substances dissolved in water absorb ultraviolet light. Therefore, by measuring the absorption of these organic substances by ultraviolet light at a wavelength of 254 nm, the total amount of organic pollutants in water can be measured. The TOC sensor uses two light sources, one 360, one 360mm UV reference light, which can automatically compensate the optical path attenuation and turbidity effects, thus achieving more stable and reliable measurement values.

Technical Indexes

Product TOC-5000 Online TOC Analyzer
TOC range 0~200 mg/L (with auto-clean brush)

0~800mg/L(need air pump to clean)

Resolution 0.1mg/L
Accuracy 5%
Power 110-220V AC
Display mode RS485 Modbus RTU
Working temperature 0~60℃
Analog output 4~20mA output
Relay Two relays
Protection TOC Transmitter: IP65, Sensor : IP68
Outflow pipeline 1/4″ NPT,(Provide external interface)
Dimension RS485 Modbus RTU
Hole size 138*138mm

Technical Features

Subtitle Description

Online measurement

Real-time process control by total organic carbon,without reagent

Easy operation

Easy to operate and maintain.

Working performance

High Precision,Reliability, Drift Free


Digital TOC sensor, RS-485 output, support MODBUS

Wide range

Wide range (0.0~800mg/L) suitable for different applications.


Standard RS485 Modbus RTU Protocol, Direct Connected with PLC, HMI, Eliminate I/O Module Cost