Online water sampler, AWS-A803



BOQU Automatic Online Water Sampler applies to automatic collection and refrigeration of water samples from environmental protection departments, sewage treatment plants, drainage management offices, sewage discharge enterprises, water treatment processes, and enterprises’ total sewage outfall.the online water sampler is used with COD,Ttotal phosphorus,total nitrogen,ammonia nitrogen, heavy metal etc online monitors for on-line use. The online water sampler can automatically sample water according to various modes such as time proportion and flow proportion under unattended conditions, and the collected water samples can be sent to the laboratory for various analyses. BOQU online watere sampler is an ideal tool for environmental monitoring departments and sewage discharge enterprises to master the water quality and for metering and charging, and an important technical means for emission reduction.

Technical Parameters

Product AWS-A803 Online Water Sampler
Sampling bottle 1000 ml × 25 bottles
Single sampling quantity (5~1000) ml
Sampling interval (2~9999) min
Sampling record 1000 times
Records for opening and closing doors 200 times
Sampling quantity error ± 7%
Sampling quantity error of equal ratio ± 8%
Time control error of system clock Δ1 ≤ 0.1%   Δ12 ≤ 30s
Temperature control precision ±1.5 ℃
Vertical height for sampling ≥ 8 m
Horizontal sampling distance ≥ 80 m
Air tightness of piping system ≤ -0.085 MPa
Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) ≥ 1440 h per time
Insulation resistance >20 MΩ
Communication interface RS-232/RS-485
Analog interface 4 mA ~20 mA
Digital quantity input interface switching value

Main features

Routine sampling: timing, time equal ratio, flow equal ratio, liquid level equal ratio and external control sampling

Bottle dividing methods: parallel-sampling, single-sampling and mixed sampling etc bottle dividing methods

Excessive sample retention: uses in conjunction with online monitor, and automatically retains water sample in the sampling bottles when monitoring abnormal data

Power-off protection: Automatic power-off protection and online water sampler will automatically return to work when power on

Record:it has a function of sampling records, records for opening and closing doors and power off records

Digital temperature control: precise digital temperature control of chill box, additionally equipped with soaking system which makes the temperature uniform and accurate