OPTIMA ® Zoom Stereo Microscope, ZM-150AT, ESMC, Digisystem, Taiwan


OPTIMA ® Zoom Stereo Microscope, ZM-150AT, Digisystem, Taiwan

  • Model: ZM-150AT
  • Brand: Digisystem
  • Origin: Taiwan

Digisystem is a stereoscopic microscope manufacturer successfully, offering best stereo zoom microscope in Taiwan. We always insist on making the best quality products for our customers to maintain fierce competitiveness. We have many professional instruments to achieve continuous improvement of products through statistical analysis. Digisystem is a leading stereoscopic microscope manufacturer who has concentrated on continuous improvement in stereo zoom microscope quality.

Features for OPTIMA ® Zoom Stereo Microscope, ZM-150AT, Digisystem, Taiwan

The OPTIMA® stereo microscope ZM-150AT is a non-step magnification zoom. The objectives are adopted by poly-membrane achromatic lenses and collocated with wide field eyepieces. The quality of image is distinct and clear, and with wide field vision. ZM-150AT is a good assistant for your working in research and quality control analysis.

  • The light source is used of halogen lamp and top/bottom adjustable, even illumination.
  • It also can be compatible to use with cold light source, fluorescent ring illuminator, or LED ring illuminator.
  • When use supplemental lens and high-power eyepiece, it can be used as high magnification vision.
  • The microscope ZM-150AT is able to store images if a digital camera or CCD camera is used.
  • The microscope ZM-150AT is a good assistant for your working in research and quality control analysis.

Technical Specifications

Model ZM-150AT
Observation tube Trinocular head inclined at 45˚
Interpupillary distance From 55-75mm
Focusing Rack and pinion focusing assembly
Stage 220 x 155mm
Eyepiece WF10X/20
Objective Zoom 0.7X – 4.5X
Working distance 95mm
Total magnification 7X – 45X (magnifications of 3.5X – 225X can be achieved by adding supplemental lenses and different eyepieces)
Illumination Incident: 12V20W halogen lamp
Transmitted: 12V10W halogen lamp or 5W fluorescent lamp
Power supply 100-240V 50/60Hz
Standard accessories Dust cover, frosted glass insert, white/black insert, backup lamps
Optional accessories WF15X、WF20X、WF25X eyepieces, 0.5X、0.75X、1.5X、2X supplemental lenses, mechanical stage, fluorescent ring illuminator, LED ring illuminator, cold light source, stand ZM-150-S1 (240 x 160mm), stand ZM-150-S2 (380 x 260mm)

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OPTIMA ® Zoom Stereo Microscope, ZM-150A, Digisystem, Taiwan
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