Orbital shaker, OS-350D & OS-520D, ESMC, Digisystem, Taiwan


OS-350D & OS-520D Orbital shaker, Digisystem, Taiwan

  • Model: OS-350D & OS-520D
  • Brand: Digisystem
  • Origin: Taiwan

With more than 50 years of lab shaker experience, DIGISYSTEM is the best orbital shaker incubator manufacturer supplying to all over the world. Prioritizing customer satisfaction, we stringently follow protocols in design, R&D and manufacturing. Serving the customers for years, we have developed the concept of cordiality and trustworthiness, incessantly progressing in business. Digisystem Laboratory Instruments Inc. can offer lab shaker, flat rotators, orbital shakers, orbital shaker incubator, platelet shakers, platelet rotators, and supension rotators (3D rockers).

Orbital shaker, OS-350D & OS-520D

Digisystem are a Orbital shaker Manufacturers in the laboratory instruments. Orbital Shaker Platform OS-D series can load heavy objects for long time use.

  • Designed for continuous-operation orbital shaking, day and night.
  • Suitable for carrying heavy duty.
  • Maintenance-free induction brushless motor.
  • Differential flask clamps available.
  • All stainless steel platform and clamps.
  • Quality certification: ISO 9001, ISO 13485


Model OS-350D OS-520D
Speed 20~250rpm
Time mode Continuous mode / timed mode (99 hours 59 minutes digital timer)
Platform dimension (WxDxH)(mm) W350xD350 W520xD520
Orbital diameter 25mm
Optional accessory 50ml, 125ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1L, 2L flask clamps
Overall dimension (WxDxH)(mm) W380xD410xH195 W560xD600xH225
Power Supply AC 100~240V 50/60Hz

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Orbital shaker, OS-350D & OS-520D, Digisystem, Taiwan
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