Particulate sampler PM10/PM2.5, KMS-4100


#Particulate sampler PM10/PM2.5 #KMS-4100 #PM2.5 particulate sampler #PM10 particulate sampler KMS-4100


  • TYPE APPROVAL from Korean Ministry of Environment
  • Flow rate: 5 L / min
  • Weight: about 2.3kg
  • Size: 186mm x 121mm x 110m (excluding protrusions)
  • High precision MFC (does not affect temperature and pressure changes)
  • MFC flow range: 0.0 to 20.0
  • Sampling control with volume control
  • Flow check function (operation is terminated when suction is cut off)
  • Schedule function (date, time and weekly recurring schedule)
  • Store and retrieve up to 30 data
  • USB2.0 support (measurement data backup using USB memory)
  • The power turns off automatically when the device is not used (Power Manager)
  • Low noise enables sampling in quiet environments
  • External temperature and hygrometer (optional)
  • Ultrasonic anemometer (optional)
  • External battery (optional)


Flow Rate 5.0 LPM
Resolution 0.5 LPM
Accuracy 3% of reading
Repeatability 0.25% of reading
Operation Temperature -10~50℃
Battery Ni-MH/ 12V, 9Ah
Power Supply 110~220VAC, 50/60Hz
Weight 2.34Kg
Dimensions 186(W) x 121(H) x 110(D)
Supplier Elite Scientific & Meditech Co.