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PCR Station PCRC series


PCR Station PCRC series

Brand: Taisite

Origin: USA

Assemble in China


Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is the process of amplifying millions of genes from a single gene copy or fewer gene templates. This reaction process is very common in all nucleic acid and RNA labs. Since high copy number genes are produced during PCR, it is necessary to prevent gene contamination during amplification.


  • High permeability quartz ultraviolet lamp tube, the ultraviolet ray transmission rate is much higher than that of ordinary glass lamp tube, under the same power, sterilization effect better;
  • Full-size high efficiency HEPA filters with a thickness of upto 50mm, providing better filtration efficiency;
  • Super thin LED normal while lighting on the top, long service life, low power consumption, no strobe, no eye damage;
  • Ultra-thin and high air pressure centrifugal fan can generate more than 45Pa positive pressure, effectively preventing external pollutants from entering the operation platform;
  • High transparent 8mm thick polycarbonate board with anti-ultraviolet and anti-impact properties;
  • The top guide plate and the bottom collecting liquid plate are made of 304 stainless steel, which is durable and easy to clean;
  • The unique design of clean air curtain on the inner surface of the front door can effectively prevent external pollution from entering the operation platform;
  • The average surface wind speed can reach more than 0.3m/s and the cleanliness exceeds the standard of class 100;
  • Three-stage front door with maximum opening height of about 530mm;
  • The UV sterilization of the filter box can effectively enhance the sterilization effect and avoid the bacteria breeding and pollution of the opening space.


Model PCRC-1 PCRC-2 PCRC-3
Dimension (LxWxH)mm 600x560x735
Inner size 575x535x575
Operating person Single
Voltage AC 220V/ 50-60Hz
Light Celling LED light/3-5W
UV 2x15W,T6 quartz lamp
Timer NO 7x27H time booking
Interlock function No UV & light interlock
Linkage function No Door open & wind linkage
Wind speed adjustable Yes
Liquid collection Optional (Stainless steel 304 collection dish)
Power 60W/Centrifugal fan/Speed 2450
Prefilter Yes
HEPA HEPA size 580x490x55mm
Wind speed 0-0.3m/s
Noise ≤60db
Operation environment Temo.-25°C to +55°C; Humidity≤90%RH
Sealing method 45°C incline silicone or rubber seal
Door construction Three sections
Door open size Open max 90% height 0-535mm
Standing shelf NO Yes
Drawer with lock NO Optional
Socket Inner socket 2
Door close adsorbed Yes
Product categories PCR Station
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