Phenolic yellowing control fabric


Phenolic yellowing control fabric; SDCE, UK
Phenolic Yellowing, SDCE


Product Information :

Yellowing of the test material is a simple, relatively low cost, predictable test is used to test the influence of yellowing during transport or storage in white or batik yarn, fabrics and garments.

Based on a method developed around 1985 by Courtauld’s Research this test can be used to screen fabrics for their susceptibility to exhibit Phenolic, or elusive, yellowing – where garments or fabrics exhibit yellowing making them unfit for sales without reprocessing.

Through extensive sampling and testing procedures, SDCE products not only are guaranteed to confirm to the standard, they also have excellent continuity of performance from batch to batch over many years. Testing not only includes practical and independent performance testing but also quantitative analysis of the concentration of active ingredient on the papers

Due to the limited shelf-life of the papers (3 months once the heat sealed barrier foil bags have been opened), SDCE pack all their papers in small pack sizes to reduce waste or the temptation to use up out-of-date papers. Also SDCE have developed a woven tape for the control fabric, this relatively heavy construction makes assessment and grading of the yellowing easier for the technician.

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