Phosphorous Portable Photometer,HI 96706


Product Features

  • User calibration;
  • Certified calibration and verification standards;
  • BEPS (Battery Error Prevention System);
  • TIMER function;
  • Auto shut-off;
  • GLP Features.

Phosphorus is found in nature as phosphates. Its concentration in water is monitored because it causes corrosion when present in high levels. It is also an essential parameter for the growth of microorganisms and algae, which are often unwanted in tanks and water reservoirs.

Phosphorus is also an essential element for plant growth and, for this reason, is needed in large amounts.

The HI 96706 measures the phosphorus (P) content in water samples in the 0.0 to 15.0 mg/L (ppm) range.

HI 96706 uses an exclusive positive-locking system to ensure that the cuvette is in the same place every time it is placed into the measurement cell.