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Plasma Bag Shaker _ HBS36F


Plasma Bag Shaker, HBS36F

  • Horizontal agitator
  • Fixed stirring speed, controlled by microprocessor.
  • It keeps the selected speed constant, regardless of the load.
  • Smooth and progressive start and stop, regardless of the selected speed.
  • Backlit LCD digital display with indication of the selected and actual speed value, and timer (with acoustic warning).
  • Keyboard with membrane buttons, sensitive to the touch.
  • Rearmable: after a power failure, the equipment resumes operation with the same parameters as it had previously. An incident indicator appears on the screen.
  • With a 9-tray platform (560 x 400mm)

Technical specifications

Horizontal HBS
Model HBS36F
Reference 10000-01059
 movement HORIZONTAL
Amplitude (mm) 36
Max load (kg) 25
Maximum Consumption / Output (W / Nm) 50/1
Speed ​​range (rpm) 75
Resolution (rpm) 5
Timer (min) 0-120 *


General Data
Volt. (VAC) 230 +/- 10% (115 +/- 10% under request)
Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Regulation Microprocessor
Screen Digital, LCD
Buttons Membrane push buttons
Useful dimensions (mm) 365 × 340
Total Dimensions (mm) 455 x 410 x 445
Weight (kg) 14.7
 IP IP54


Max. Rel. Humidity. 80%
Perm. Amb. Tª 5º to 50ºC
Duration of operation 100%
Fuse 1AF / 250V
Protection Class 1 (protective earth)
Accessories Reference
 Platform Bags 9 levels – 560 x 400 mm – On request


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