Plate bearing test apparatus, 300 mm, SS, ESMC, China


Plate bearing test apparatus Price in Bangladesh

  • Plate size: 300mm
  • Weight: 40
  • Material: MS
  • Made in China


Plate bearing test apparatus Bangladesh

The bearing plate test determines the soil bearing capacity by the application of an increasing pressure on a foundation formed by a circular plate loaded against a reaction frame and measuring the associated vertical displacement (settlement). Results are typically used for calculating the soil stiffness in term of Deformation Modulus and Subgrade Reaction Modulus

The plate bearing test is normally carried out at foundation level, either on the surface or in a shallow pit. Plates of varying sizes up to 720mm diameter are available. The loading plate is placed on the ground and connected via a load cell to a reaction load. Due to the larger size of the plate used (compared with a CBR test) this test is more suitable for testing larger aggregate backfills, however, it requires a larger reaction load. Typically, a minimum 15tonne tracked excavator or other suitable plant is required for us to use as a reaction load.

  • Display: Dial gauge display
  • Plate size: 300mm
  • Span: 3000mm
  • Loading power: 50KN
  • Standard: ASTM Grade
  • Weight : 40kg
  • Material: SM
  • Made in China

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