Polarimeter IP-Manual NS series


#Polarimeter, IP-Manual, NS series


There are substances capable of deflecting the plane of polarized light.

This type of substance can be analyzed through a Polarimeter that measures the rotational power of the solution thanks to which we can trace the composition, concentration and purity of the compound analyzed.

The Polarimeter manual IP/manual model is durable and easy to use, ideal for applications in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and educational industries.

  • LED Lamp, New
  • Mechanical platform
  • Lower accuracy
  • For Basic application


Model IP-Manual
Measuring range ±180°
Accuracy ±0.05°
Measuring mode Optical rotation
Wavelength 589nm
Light source LED, 20000 hours
Sample chamber Up to 200mm
Voltage Identify your power cord from page 31
Dimension (LxWxH) 54x22x38 cm
Dimension (LxWxH) 540x220x380 mm
Net weight 5 kg

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