Portable pH/ORP Meter, PHS-1701


#Portable pH/ORP Meter PHS-1701


PHS-1701 portable pH and ORP meter is a digital display PH meter, with LCD digital display, which can display PH and temperature values simultaneously. The instrument applies to the labs in junior college institutions, research institutes, environmental monitoring, industrial and mining enterprises and other departments or field sampling to determine the aqueous solutions’ PH values and potential (mV) values. Equipped with ORP electrode, it can measure the solution’s ORP (oxidation-reduction potential) value; equipped with the ion specific electrode, it can measure the electrode potential value of the electrode.

Technical indexes

Product Portable pH and ORP Meter
Measuring range pH -2.00…16.00
mV -1999…1999
Temp -5℃—105℃
Resolution pH 0.01pH
mV 1mV
Temp 0.1℃
Electronic unit measurement error pH ±0.01pH
mV ±1mV
Temp ±0.3℃
pH calibration 1point, 2 point, or 3 point
Isoelectric point pH 7.00
Buffer solution 8 groups
Power supply DC6V/20mA ; 4 x AA/LR6 1.5 V or NiMH 1.2 V and chargable
Size/Weight 230×100×35(mm)/0.4kg
Display LCD
pH input BNC,resistor >10e+12Ω
Temp input RCA(Cinch),NTC30kΩ
Data storage Calibration data;198 groups measurement data(99 groups for pH,mV each)
Working condition Temp 5…40℃
Relative humidity 5%…80%(without condensate)
Installation grade
Pollution grade 2
Altitude <=2000m