Portable pump for micro plastic, Portable pump for micro plastic (shallow water), 23.565 Portable pump for micro plastic particles shallow water, 23.566 Portable pump for micro plastic particles shallow water, KC Denmark Portable pump for micro plastic, Denmark Portable pump for micro plastic, Portable pump for micro plastic Bangladesh, 12000L hour Portable pump for micro plastic. Approx. 200L min Portable pump for micro plastic, elitetradebd,

Portable pump for micro plastic (shallow water), KC Denmark, Denmark

23.565/23.566 - Portable pump for micro plastic particles - shallow water:

A small, portable pump designed for collecting micro plastic particles at the water surface; but it can also be used for a maximum depth of 7 m. Available for 230 V AC or 115 V AC, see below.

The sampler can run sampling up to 4 different mesh sizes during one deployment, while keeping a precise account on the total volume, measured by a flow meter. The filter plates themselves can easily be removed thus supporting pumping with fewer or none filters at all (demands one or more dummy rings).

Due to its very flexible range of filter sizes (ranging from 1000 µm down to 100 µm), it has proven itself a very useful tool in sampling plastic particles, mostly used in lakes and shallow water. Other sizes (down to 20 µm) on request; in general, we recommend 50 µm as a minimum; a small mesh size may clog very fast thus reducing the pump’s capacity.

As a counter part to the more well-known Manta Trawl net the pump’s counter gives users a digital read-out of amount of water, ensuring them a very precise data that is fully able to be compared with other samples done with similar pumps with very high scientific guarantees; this is primary due to the fact that the water pumped is first measured after it has gone through the filters preventing any faulty data with organic material clogging up the filter sample area.

Standard delivery comes with 10 m of cable for the power supply.

The flow meter read-out (max. value 99999) vs. water volume can be calculated using our spreadsheet allowing a quick and intuitive conversion regardless if the shape is circular, square or rectangular. Find the spreadsheet here.

IMPORTANT: The pump must be deployed by a separate steel wire or similar, as the cable cannot bear the pump’s weight. Deploying this pump requires a constant relief of the cable in its entire length, to avoid any cable damage because of the cable’s weight.

Technical information:

• Capacity: 12000 L/hour. Approx. 200L/min. at 0 m water column, with no filters
• Power supply: 230 V AC/50 Hz (order number 23.565)
• Power supply: 115 V AC/60 Hz (order number 23.566)
• Power consumption: 0,75 kW
• Pump: AISI 304 stainless steel
• Flow meter: Digital flow meter
• 4 filter plates, 3-5000 µm, 500 µm, 300 µm and 100 µm comes as standard delivery
• Main rack: AISI 316 stainless steel
• Length: 820 mm
• Width: 305 mm
• Height: 305 mm
• Max. depth: 7 m
• Weight: 25 kg

Images are reference only. Actual product may be different.

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