Precision melting and boiling point apparatus


#Precision melting and boiling point apparatus with camera & touch screen controller

Salient Features

  • Camera & Screen for safety and multiple viewing
  • The instruments is microprocessor based.
  • On pressing the button the, temp reading gets frozen. Thus, User can concentrate freely on the sample under test.
  • Heating rate as low as 1°C per minute can be achieved.

Technical Specification

Heating Range : 300°C
Accuracy : 300°C
Reading : Reading can be frozen
Camera & Screen : To view the sample tube for safety and many people can see at a time
Regulation of heating : Slow fast heating arrangement provided
Magnetic Stirrer : For uniform heating
Power : 230 Volts, 50 HZ, 500 VA
Size : 420 x 390 x 250 mm
Weight : 1.5 Kg

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