Preform Eccentricity tester-Digital, ESMC, India

Digital preform eccentricity tester
Model: PET – 0110
Brand: Presto;
Origin: India


Presto’s Preform Eccentricity Tester is a must have a testing instrument which is widely used in the laboratories of PET & Preform Industries. The testing instrument works on the principle of special revolving mechanism to inspect the eccentricity of the Preforms correctly. The Preforms can be rejected immediately after evaluating the quality of the Preforms with the instrument.

Presto’s Preform Eccentricity tester is used in numerous research centers and laboratories to perform the eccentricity test on Preforms. The device is equipped with a digital controller that helps the user to operate the machine digitally and offers user-friendly operations.


  • Easy and accurate operations
  • Comes with Zero Tolerance
  • Revolving type equipment
  • Repeatability in test measurements of preforms with Preform Eccentricity Tester, PET Preform Eccentricity is checked as the shape, size and quality of the product on its eccentricity.

Key Specifications:

Pre form Holder Diameter As per requirement
Range 0 – 10 mm
Least count 0.001 mm
Dimensions 310 x 100 x 275 mm
Display Type Digital
Supply AC
Brand Prestro
Display LCD (Digital)


Gauge: 1

Stand: Magnetic adjustable arm stand

** Various size Preform Holder Diameter options available on requirement

Comes with height adjusting knob to adjust the height of gauge and preform holder. Highly accurate and reliable instrument to measure the eccentricity of preforms

Optional: Preform holder different dia meter available on request.

Images are reference only. Actual product may be different.

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Preform Eccentricity tester

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