Programmable controller

Programmatic PID and fuzzy logic temperature controller 2 patterns (12 segments/ 1pattern)
Control function of the overshoot by fuzzy logic
Digital display of Set-in temperature and practical temperature separately
Usable connecting a various heating instruments (heaters)
Compact designed temperature controller with small type precision program.
 Selecting function of the program control, possible
program control of 2 patterns.
 Use PID temperature controller by microprocessor,
precision degree of temperature is superior and
measure & calculate best temperature control by
auto-tuning function.
 If select and use the fuzzy function, reduce the
overshoot and also get better features of the outer turbulence and response.
 Set-in temperature and practical temperature become
digital display independently and confirm concurrently
each value.
 Operation is simply by method of the touch keypad.  Ideal for precise temperature control with connection to the various heating types except heating mantles, tapes and cords.
 Possible to control directly temperature of the sample
and heater temperature by use of temperature
 Compact designed temperature controller
 Safety device for protection from the over current.
Model TC500P
Temperature Range 0~1300℃(k type) 0~600℃(pt 100Ω)
Accuracy ±0.3% of full scale
Control Method Programmable PID, and fuzzy logic
Program control 2pattern (12segment/1pattern)
Display 4-digit LED digital display (pv:green, sv:red)
Operation Method Touch keypad type
Control Output SSR (solid state relay)
Ambient Temperature Temp : 0~50℃, Humidity : 35~85%RH
Capacity (Max.) 3200W (220VAC)
Dimensions (W×D×H) 205×220×70mm
Electrical supply AC 220V 50/60 Hz
Weight 1.3kg
k type Ø6×200mm(L),Lead wire:1.5m long Stainless steel standard
(choose one)
pt 100Ω Ø6×200mm(L),Lead wire:1.5m long Stainless steel
TS6K k type Ø6×200mm(L),Lead wire:1.5m long Teflon coated stainless steel Option
TS6P pt 100Ω Ø6×200mm(L),Lead wire:1.5m long Teflon coated stainless steel