Pure Chromatography System


The ÄKTA™ Pure is a flexible and intuitive chromatography system for fast purification of proteins, peptides, and nucleic acids from microgram to gram levels of target product.

The functions of the instrument can be tailored to your precise needs through a wide selection of variables including pH, salt concentration, flow rate, column type, etc. The UNICORN control software that is included can also be customized by addition of optional functionality such as Design of Experiments (DoE) for enhanced method optimization and Column log book for keeping proper column records. The flow path is forward facing and organized so that it is easy to understand how buffers and samples flow. UNICORN control software contains the tools needed for beginners and experienced users to perform all types of chromatography, from setting up and running a method to evaluating the data.

This instrument is in premium condition and comes with computer, software and fraction collector.  It is priced at about 50% the cost of a new one and comes with a 60 day warranty.  Don’t miss out!

ÄKTA Pure Benefits:

  • Modular system design with a large range of options to allow flexibility in purification of proteins and peptides
  • Customizable system that is easy to upgrade as your research needs develop
  • Reliable system with components and integrated features based on the proven design of ÄKTA
  • UNICORN software provides simple, intuitive, and flexible preprogrammed method templates and total system control to simplify your job
  • Predefined method settings for all GE Healthcare lab-scale chromatography columns


  • Applications supported:  Affinity, size exclusion, ion exchange, hydrophobic interaction and reversed phase chromatography.
  • Flow rate: 0.001 to 25 mL/min (normal range); 0.01 to 50 mL/min for column packing
  • Operating pressure (max): 20 MPa (2900 psi)
  • Tubing internal diameter:  0.5 mm
  • Multiple wavelength detection:  Up to 3 wavelengths
  • Wavelength range: 190 to 700 nm
  • Flow cell path length: 2 mm (optional 0,5 mm and 10 mm)
  • pH monitoring:  0-14
  • Buffer selection: 2A + 2B inlets in one valve
  • Multiple sample injection:  Upgradeable to 5 samples
  • Dimensions:  535 mm Wide x 639 mm High x 470 mm Deep
  • Weight:  Approximately 53 Kg
  • Electrical:  100-120 / 220-240 VAC


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