Randall extraction

Randall Extraction Machine, Behr E4

Behr’s Randall extraction systems provide fat determination up to 5 times faster than conventional Soxhlet extraction systems.
The scope of delivery includes 1 set of extraction tubes per 100 ml.
Distinctive features of the Behr Randall extraction systems:
– Optimum safety is ensured by the threaded fastening of the extraction devices.
– Each heated sample has a separate temperature control.
– Each extraction tube with a sample can be independently moved.
– Possibility to lower / raise all samples using 1 lever.
Behr E4 Randall Extractor Specifications:
– Voltage: 230 V
– Frequency: 50/60 Hz
– Power: 1440 W
– Weight: 34 kg
– Dimensions (LxWxH): 55x42x67 cm
– 4 samples
– Volume: 60 ml, max. 75 ml

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