Tissue determination apparatus

Raw tissue determination apparatus, Behr EXR 6

Apparatus for hydrolysis or determination of raw tissue Behr EXR 6

The Behr EXR 6 in-line hydrolysis apparatus is used to heat aqueous solutions of samples held in beakers, in particular for
• determination of crude fiber in accordance with ISO 6865 (“Veende method”)
• carrying out a hydrolysis step for determination of total fat content (ISO 11085)
• hydrolysis of fats by the Weibul-Stoldt method.
Depending on the model and configuration, the apparatus consists of four or six individually adjustable heating slots for 600 ml beakers. They are cooled by cold finger immersion chillers installed at the top of the bowls, which are fed with water from a cooling water distributor.
Method Weibull-Stoldt method.
The quantification of the fat content of food is carried out using solvent extraction. “Free fats” are determined by direct extraction.
The mass fraction of fat contains, in addition to “free fats” – “bound fats”, which are released by acid breakdown.
The delivery set of the Behr EXR 6 hydrolysis apparatus includes:
– R 6 heater in-line (6 heaters)
– Vertical supports: 2 pcs
– Cooling water distributor with a stand for coolers (6-seat) with a tray
– Water supply hose, polyamide, Ø 8 mm
– Water drain hose, PVC, Ø 12 mm
– Tool for disconnecting quick couplings
– Water tap connection with 3⁄4 “thread
– Tap adapter with 1⁄2 “thread The
following hydrolysis accessories are included, depending on model and configuration:
– 4 600 ml
beakers , tall shape – 4 cold finger coolers for 600 ml beakers
– 8 Silicone tubes 6 x 2 mm, length 50 cm
In addition, depending on the type of analysis that you intend to carry out, you will need:
– Filtering device:
– for hydrolysis: FU 6 (Art. B00441144)
– for determination of wet tissue: SC6 (Art. B00513780)
– Drying     oven
– Analytical balance
– For determination of fat content: Extraction device
– For determination of crude fiber: muffle furnace


Behr FU 6 hydrolysis filter device, borosilicate glass

Filtration device for device for determination of wet tissue Behr SC 6

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