Real Time Camera Stations

Product Description:

Hoskin Scientific Ltd. can meet all needs for delivering real-time site images for the purposes of visual monitoring and security for existing remote monitoring stations. Whether you need visual verification of observed parameters or require an added level of security for your remote stations, real-time camera systems offer customers that extra level of assurance.  When combined with the variety of telemetry options available our custom designed remote camera monitoring stations can provide you with accurate, visual representation and real-time data from anywhere in the world.

Example Remote Camera Monitoring System:
– Stardot 10 MegaPixel Infrared Camera (E-E99-CAM-SECH10IR)
– Compact Weatherproof Enclosure System (E-E99-ENC-OUTD3)
– 120 AHr battery enclosure system (E-E99-EB-12V-120)
– 50 watt solar panel (E-E99-SOLAR-50)
– NEMA4 Enclosure (E-E99-9210-ENC)
– Sutron 9210 datalogger (E-A82-9210-0000-2B)
– Optional telemetry: BGAN Satellite, cellular


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