Reference sand


CEN reference sand, Normensand GmbH, Germany


  • The representative organization of the cement industry in Europe, CEMBUREAU, commissioned our company with the production of CEN Reference Sand.
  • Each produced CEN Standard Sand has frequently to prove that its EN 196-1 performance is comparable to the performance of the CEN Reference Sand.
  • To ensure, as long as possible, comparable cement performance within the world wide cement production our company produced a sustainable amount of this CEN Reference Sand.
  • Considering the CEN Reference Sand consumption of the last years, our inventory lasts at least further 50 years.


  • box filled with 9 glasses of 1350 g CEN Reference Sand
  • weight of one box: 16.7 kg
  • produced according to EN 196-1
  • naturally rounded quartz sand
  • sales supervising by the DIN Standards Committee Building and Civil Engineering (DIN-NABau)
  • serially numbered and registered boxes to ensure product traceability

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