Rice appearance quality meter, ST155


Rice appearance quality meter, ST155 rice appearance quality meter, Rice appearance quality meter-ST155, ST155 rice quality meter

Product details

ST155 Rice appearance quality detection system is a system to realize the automatic detection of rice appearance quality index after obtaining rice image through scanner. The detection indexes of the system mainly include: grain type (length, width, aspect ratio and area of each grain), total grain number, average length, average width, average aspect ratio, whole rice grain number, broken rice grain number, milled rice rate, chalky rice grain number, chalky grain rate, average chalkiness size, chalkiness degree, transparency and so on.

Performance characteristics:

I.Software system functions:

1.Scale calibration function.

2.The color of the system image display can be set, which is convenient for intuitive display and distinction in the detection.

3.The inspection information can be set and modified: the inspection standard, the inspection address and the inspection time

4.Scanning rice grain image function:The rice grain image can be displayed at any time, the original size image can be displayed, the image can be displayed adaptively, and the image can be reduced and magnified.

5.Rice grain adhesion segmentation function:The system software has the function of automatically dividing adherent rice grains. According to the number and degree of rice grains, the general time of segmentation is less than 20s. If the automatic segmentation is not possible, the manual segmentation function can also be adopted.

II.Grain shape calculation function

1.The software can automatically calculate the index of grain size, mainly including the length, width, aspect ratio, area and broken rice mark of each of the rice grains, the total number of the rice grains, the average of the length of the rice, the width and the aspect ratio, the whole rice number, the rice breaking number and the whole fine rice rate of the rice grains;

2.In the rice grain image, the broken rice, the whole rice, the rice grain number and the abnormal rice can be displayed with different color boxes, and the different grain shape of each rice grain can be seen at a glance.

3.Click on each grain of rice data to calibrate and display the grain in order to observe the grain from the image

4.The system can manually delete the abnormal meters, the data can be updated automatically, and the verification is more accurate.

III.Chalkiness calculation function

1.In chalkiness calculation, the system automatically marks that broken rice is not involved in the calculation, and the average chalkiness size, chalkiness grain number, chalkiness degree, chalkiness percentage and transparency in automatic whole rice.

2.The system can remove the non-chalky area of germ and dorsal sulcus.

3.If the result of automatic chalkiness calculation is not ideal, the threshold modification of a single rice grain can be realized by manually adjusting, deleting the chalkiness area and clicking on the chalkiness area to delete the chalkiness mark.

IV.Data saving function

1.The data of each analysis image, distribution map and result can be saved.

2.The grain shape and chalkiness calculation data of the test samples can be saved as EXCEL documents, which is convenient for statistical analysis and archiving. This includes the set inspection information and the average information of rice grains and the information of each grain of rice.

3.The test results can be output as data files or printed.

Technical parameter

1.In accordance with the national standard GB/T1350 rice, GB/T17891 high quality rice or GB1354 rice measurement standard

2.Scanner: optical resolution 4800*9600

3.A scan of rice can weigh up to 30 grams

4.Automatically detect 30 grams of rice appearance quality index time about 30 s.

5.Single test sample quantity: 1-1200, recommended sample weight about 12 g,cumulative, up to 9 consecutive tests

6.The measurement error of  length and width is less than ±0, 05mm.,The error of milled rice rate is less than ±1.0%.

7.Chalkiness ≤ ±1.0%

# Rice appearance quality meter #ST155 rice appearance quality meter #Rice appearance quality meter-ST155

#ST155 rice quality meter # ST155