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Rotary microtome


#Rotary microtome, YD-315


  • New special and improved blade carrier which Non-stick with tissue section in surface
    • High precision specimen feed
    • Universal cassette clamp and standard specimen clamp
    • The hand wheel can be locked in any position or highest position , The dual fail-safe control system is safe and reliable
    • It adopt the special blade Carrier , it is more safe and convenient to use the disposable blade directly . good durability and long service life
    • Smoothly running hand wheel
    • Spacious, integrated section waste tray
    • One New coming Special Blade carrier can use both of High and Lower Disposable Blade (Optional Accessories)


Product name:Rotary Microtome
Section thickness range: 0- 60um
Setting values : From 0-2 um in 0.5 um –increments
Form 2-10um in 1 um-increments
Form 10-20 um in 2 um-increments
Form 20-60um in 5 um-increments
Horizontal specimen stroke :28 mm
Vertical specimen stroke : 60mm
Precision error: ± 5%
Sample orientation:8°along the X-Y-axis,rotable 360°
Maximum section size: 50 × 45mm
Dimensions incl. tray (L/T/H):300mm(L)X570mm(W)X270mm(H)
Net weight:34kg
Warranty: 1 year

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