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Sand 0/20 EN 1766 2000-03

Sable sand 0/20 EN 1766 2000-03 Silicieux ET naturel#Sand 0/20 EN 1766 2000-03

Reminder of the standard EN 1766 2000-03

This European Standard specifies the composition, characteristics and method of preparation of reference concretes to be used in test methods for measuring the performance requirements of products and systems for the repair and protection of concrete structures.

The provisions of this standard are applicable to concrete made from aggregates with a maximum dimension between 16 mm and 20 mm or from aggregates with a maximum dimension between 8 mm and 10 mm.


The sands of SNL for this application:

  • siliceous base with + 98% silica.
  • 100% rolled.
  • an absorption coefficient of less than 2% (0.2%).
  • meeting the standard EN 1766 2000- meet the two formulations A1 0/8 to 10 MM and fig. A2 0/16 to 20 MM.


We bag in bags in packages of 5 to 25 kg: on demand.

CAUTION  : the certificate is produced for a bag, knowing that the particle size distribution is large, there is a risk of segregation. It is therefore imperative to use the entire bag per batch .


  • Sulfur in lentils
  • Sand for sulfur sand mixture
  • Sand MBE (Equivalent Concrete Mortar)
  • Sand standards according to DIN or ASTM
  • UKAS 22 standard sand
  • Sand EN 480-13
  • 0/20 sand standardized to EN 1766 2000-03
  • Sand on demand
  • Sulfur mortar Type BP 18-416
  • Sulfur mortar Type AP 18-416
  • Sulfur mortar NF 12390-3
  • Sulfur flower
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