Sand CEN BS 196-1

Sand CEN BS 196-1# CEN standardized sand BS 196-1 #ISO 679 standardized sand


Sand for measuring mechanical resistance

CEN standardized sand certified according to EN 196-1

ISO standardized sand according to ISO 679


CEN standardized sand (ISO standardized sand) is a natural sand, siliceous in particular in its finest fractions. It is clean, the grains are generally isometric and rounded in shape. It is dried, screened and prepared in a modern workshop offering all guarantees of quality and regularity.

The sand is packaged in polyethylene bags each containing 1350 ± 5 g.

Deliveries are made individually, box of 16 bags weighing 21.6 kg. Also on pallets of 2 to 54 boxes, protected by a polyethylene cover (road transport) or reinforced cardboard (sea transport).


The particle size composition determined by sieving complies with the requirements of standards EN 196-1 (§ 5) and ISO 679: 2009 (§ 5).

Technical Specifications

Tamis ouverture des mailles [mm] Refus cumules [%]
0,08 99±1
0,16 87±5
0,50 67±5
1.00 33±5
1,60 7±5
2.00 0
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These analyzes are supplemented by mass checks of the bags, measurements of the humidity rate and checks of mechanical resistance, in accordance with the requirements of standards EN 196-1 (§ 11) and ISO 679: 2009 (§ 11).


Compliance with the standard is checked by the LEMVP (Laboratoire d’Essais des Matériaux de la Ville de Paris), 4 Avenue du Colonel Henri Rol-Tanguy – 75014 PARIS.

The certificate of conformity with the European standard is issued by AFNOR (Association Française de Normalization), 11 Rue Francis de Pressensé – 93571 La Plaine Saint Denis Cedex.

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