SH420F series Kjeldahl Digestion system



  • 1.Anti-corrosion design: TEFLON coating on the surface, acid/alkali proof.
    2.Heating uniform and fast: Adopt graphite block(antioxidant), heating faster and energy transfer faster, temperature between holes more uniform.
    3.Safety protection: adopt unique air duct insulation tech, keep the temperature ultra low, protect operator


  • ·20 positions, enhance working efficiency rapidly.
  • ·Graphite block have longer life after special anti-oxidation processing and heating more uniform.
  • ·It adopt advanced insulation technology, eco-friendly, reduce energy intensity maximum limitedly.
  • ·Corrosion-resistant design.
  • ·It adopt advanced PID temperature control technology, high accuracy heating up to 400℃ only cost 25minutes.
  • ·Temperature control model: Program control, curve and linear temperature rise.
  • ·Multi-protection, Over-current protection, high temperature warning, overload protection.
  • ·It adopts 5.7” color screen, easy for use.
  • ·Standard configuration with waste gas collection hood.


Technical data:

Temperature range Room temperature +5 – 450
Temperature accuracy ±1
Heating method Infrared heating and high-purity graphite conduction
Heating insulation method unique air duct insulation technology
Digestion tube capacity 300ml
Capacity per batch 20pcs/batch
Power supply 220 VAC±10% 50HZ
Power 3600W
Dimensions 515mmX458mmX730mm
Net weight 40Kg


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