Shower Type Wall Mounted Eye Washer, ESMC, BIOBASE, China

Wall Mounted Shower Eye Washer S-WM2 S-CM3 SEW-WM1
  • Model: S-WM2/ S-CM3/ SEW-WM1
  • Brand: BIOBASE
  • Product origin: CHINA
  • Sprayer head: The flux of spray head shower & washer is ample, installing conveniently, saving space.
  • Tube: Stainless steel material, making the products firm and high quality, resistant to the chemicals.
  • Switch: The sign of operation is near by the knob, operate simply.

Technical Parameters:

Model S-WM2 S-CM3 SEW-WM1
Package Size(W*D*H)mm 820*270*160 960*340*140 1320*440*320
Gross Weight(kg) 5.5 5 18
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Shower Type Wall Mounted Eye Washer

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