Silver nitrate 1.0M, AgNO3


Product name: Silver nitrate 1.0M, AgNO3 in H2O

Synonyms: Silver nitrate 1.0M, Silver Nitrate solution 1.0 M, AgNO3 in H2O

Descriptions: Standard Silver Nitrate 1.0 M solution is an inorganic solution, a clear, colorless solution (clear, colourless). This solution can be used to titrimetrically determine the purity of a halide-containing product by direct titration with a standard silver nitrate solution. This standard solution can also be used to test the content of halides, carbonates, hydroxides, sulfates and phosphates; biological stains and treatment applications such as wart removal. Available in 1Lt/Btl packs.

Molecular Weight:  169.87 g/mol

Chemical Formula: AgNO3 in H2O

Category: Volumetric Standard Solution

Grade: Analytical Reagent

Brand: Smart lab

Origin: Indonesia

Manufacturer: PT.Smart Lab

Supplier: Elite Scientific & Meditech Co