Single and Multi Channel Pipettors

Requires up to 50% less pipetting force to minimize stress and fatigue
  • The ultralight pipettor is designed to fit comfortably in your hand
  • Made with industry-leading materials for exceptional durability
The Research plus pipettor was optimized for form and function. Ultralightweight pipette meets the highest needs for precision and accuracy—combined with ultimate ergonomics and increased flexibility. Springloaded tip cone achieves optimal tightness and minimal attachment forces—doing most of the work for you! Make your volume adjustments with just one hand, only a few turns will get you to your desired volume. Four-digit volume display is easy to view. Multichannel pipettors offer channel indicators, in addition to flexibility of removing any of the independent channels—use as many as you need.
Disassemble your pipettor with ease—the quick connection clip lets you remove the lower part in just two steps. The secondary adjustment gives you greater accuracy for specific liquid types. Pipettors are made from Fortron PPS, which is resistant to acids, alkalis, mildew, bleaches, aging, sunlight, heat, and abrasion.
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