Single Stage Water Distillation Unit _ESMC, Germany


Single Stage Water Distillation Unit

  • Brand: Omsons
  • Origin: Germany

219 – Single Stage Water Distillation Unit

The apparatus comprises a boiler made from high-purity quartz with a built-in heater and bottom discharge joint for easy cleaning deposits. A spiral condenser is fitted on the boiler with receiving adapter. The unit comes with a safety Control Unit (Optional) to protect the Glass parts in case of water failure or overheating.
Conductivity <3 µS/cm with Borosilicate Condenser <2 µS/cm with Quartz Condenser
Distilled water Quality Pyrogen Free
Distillate Temperature 50-60°C

Advanced features:


219  – Single Stage Water Distillation Unit

Single Stage Distillation with Borosilicate Glass Condenser

CAT NO Output (mL) Cooling Water Consumption Power Rating
219/1 2.5 ltr/hr 35 ltr/hr 2.0 KW
219/2 5 ltr/hr 65 ltr/hr 4.4 KW
219/3 10 ltr/hr 120 ltr/hr 9.0 KW

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