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Sulfur mortar

SNL tyoe A sulfur mortar AP 18-416

Sulfur mortar type AP 18-416#SNL Sulfur mortar type AP 18-416#SNL TYPE A sulfur mortar AP 18-416

SNL TYPE A sulfur mortar is a ready-to-use hot-melt mortar intended for surfacing normal and high performance concrete and mortars. Laboratory tested on concretes up to 60 MPa.

It is guaranteed by SNL for the surfacing of specimens with strengths between 0 and 60 MPa.

The product is produced from a mixture of 60% sulfur and 40% sand, for concretes having a compressive strength close to 25 M Pa, that is to say very far from those of BHP and BTHP.

Type A SNL mortar  is a sulfur-based composition, easy to use, hot-moldable and having high mechanical resistance when cold, which makes it possible to minimize the standard deviations between specimens of the same series and to obtain the values ​​of mechanical resistance closest to reality.


Surfaces of all mortar or concrete specimens with mechanical strengths of up to 60 MPa.

  • Type A SNL mortar  must be heated to a temperature between 130 and 135 ° C in order to have the desired fluidity. This temperature must be maintained during use; lower or higher temperatures lead to a thicker product.
  • Type A SNL mortar must be well homogenized before and during use in order to avoid sedimentation of the charges (note that this also applies to the traditional surfacing mixture: sulfur / sand).


  • Nature: powder
  • Color: greenish yellow
  • Apparent density: 0.8 to 0.9


10kg plastic bag.


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  • Sand for sulfur sand mixture
  • Sand MBE (Equivalent Concrete Mortar)
  • Sand standards according to DIN or ASTM
  • UKAS 22 standard sand
  • Sand EN 480-13
  • 0/20 sand standardized to EN 1766 2000-03
  • Sand on demand
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  • Sulfur mortar Type AP 18-416
    Sulfur mortar NF 12390-3
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